The Mora 510 is no more. It has ceased to be.

Man crying over loss of Mora 510It is with sad regret that we write this article, the end of a legacy has come to pass. For many years Swedish-made Mora Knives have captivated the bushcraft world with their absolutely superior quality craftsmanship for the most humble price anywhere in the knife universe.

It is considered by many of us ‘bushcrafters’ that they are the best knife in the world for the money. It should be no surprise to anyone that has held the superior¬† Swedish steel in their hand or used it extensively in the bush, knows first-hand that it is one of the most comfortable, lightweight, knives ever wielded. Not to mention the razor-sharp ‘Scandi’ grind single bevel that keeps an edge for the longest time.

Unfortunately Mora of Sweden discontinued the Mora 510 in 2009 along with other various models. The Mora 510 was an absolute classic and had been used by some of the most famous bushcrafters from around the globe.

Ray Mears had been so attached to this model of Morakniv that he frantically bought up the remaining stock from Mora. After applying the Ray Mears logo to the opposite side of the blades, he continued to faithfully offer the 510 for sale on his website for as long as he could.

Just a couple of days ago my wife and I ordered 2 of the Mora 510’s and are awaiting their arrival from across the pond with child-like angst. I just happened to look at the ray mears website and was saddened by the news.¬† The well had run dry and the Mora 510 had run it’s course straight into the history books.

It would appear that the last Mora 510’s are going to a fortunate couple living in Red Dirt Country USA. I will treasure it and honor the stellar tradition of the ‘Morakniv’.

Below is an excerpt taken from the Ray Mears website:

Mora 510 bushcraft knife from Ray Mears“On 6th July 2011, the final Mora 510 MG Knife was sold by Woodlore Limited. This unfortunately marks the end of this fantastic knife’s run, and we can confirm that no further units will now be produced.

As many of you will already know, the 510 Knife was revived by Ray Mears and Woodlore in 2010, after its discontinuation by Mora in early 2009. We
were able to obtain the very last batch of blades from Mora, and this limited run was sold exclusively through Woodlore.

To those fortunate enough to have purchased the 510 during this time, you now own a small piece of Bushcraft knife history, and we hope it serves you well on your adventures into the wild.”


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